October Update

Hiatus briefly over! …Briefly. School and midterms are more time-consuming than one’d think. The beat goes on. Just ask a student.

In the meantime:


Have tried the newest from Crofter’s — my favorite fruit preserves/conserves brand — in the form of their Superfruit Spread, “North America” variety, and it’s a winner.

Tastes like a combination of two of my favorite of their flavors, Blueberry and Four Fruit conserves. Sweet meets tart!

Look forward to trying the other versions soon.


Baked a cake for my parents’ anniversary using Dr. Oetker’s Organic Chocolate Cake Mix and their chocolate icing. Jazzed it up with some strawberry slices and Trader Joe’s Mini Vanilla Meringues.

IMG_1151Pretty messy cross-section. This was after the center was decorated with Kashi rice puffs… ha.


One more, just for kicks. Despite some modifications, each of the carefully-cut 12 slices clocked in around ~320 kcal. It was devoured.


Have been loving these Kisses Knishes Tofu Knishes! Tasted them in Blueberry (blueberry-muffin-sweet), Spinach (tastes like white pizza), Apple (tastes like sweet noodle puddling), and Chocolate (to die for). Man, now I wish I had one right now. Unfortunately, the store that sells them is closed by the time I get out of class, despite being conveniently located on the route home. 😦

The company is owned by Sunneen, whose delicious pre-made vegan sandwiches, burritos, and mock tuna/chicken salads, etc. are more commonly found at health food stores. Wish this particular item was more widely available.


These Galaxy Granola “Meteorbites” (70% organic) are great too. They’re cute little pouches of granola bites in assorted satisfying flavors. Pictured: Blueberry Yogurt Flax, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Banana Hemp. So far, they’ve only been spotted at Wegmans. Makes a great crunchy snack or oatmeal topping.


Think that’s about all for now. As an FYI, I’ve just been notified that Gnu Foods (maker of those “Flavor & Fiber” bars) has come out with a few new flavors: Espresso Chip and Lemon Ginger. Someone actually just bought the latter flavor for me to try; so, I’ll let you know about that — and other new bar finds — when we meet again.


2 responses to “October Update

  1. Cakes look really tasty! Gret product reviews…

    I bought some of the superfruit jam at Wegman’s only to come home and realize that the company is in Ontario…only 2 hours away from me! I emailed them the story and they sent me all 4 flavours to try. I’ve made it through “ASIA” and it was really good.

  2. woah those knishes look insane! i want one!

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