More good stuff to come…

Well, I’ve been a truly terrible blogger. And, while that may be, I’ll comfort myself with the idea that it’s better to be a terrible blogger than a terrible student… and, hey, at least I’ve still been commenting. So, there you go!

Even now, in the thick of finals season (graduate school + finals do not = a pleasant combination; trust me), I should really NOT be here right now. But, I have too many great announcements to keep to myself.

1. The amazing people at Crofter’s generously sent me all four of their new Superfruit Spreads to try. Man, do I love these — and the family was too eager to help devour the jars. Each flavor has a tangy, distinct, unique taste that is so much better than the the tired “concord grape,” for example. Maqui, passionfruit, black currants, blueberries, yumberries… —  how else could you amass all this exotic, organic goodness? The only flavor we’ve yet to sample is Asia, and I’m sure it won’t be long. Highly recommended for boosting (kids’) fruit intake.

(If you’re wondering why I’m organic-crazy, check out — you’ll be scared. You can thank my environmental health class for that unpleasant (but necessary) dose of reality….)

File photo

2. The Bora Bora company is known for great-tasting gluten-free, organic, vegan fruit/nut/seed bars. Mmmm. I have bought them in the past but the company has recently re-deisgned and re-forumlated the bars, introducing many great new flavors I am dying to try! Bora Bora is running a $5 OFF sale on all orders at their new web site — go check it out at: Stayed tuned for formal reviews!

3. Click HERE for a coupon good for $1 off Green and Black’s organic chocolate. Yum!

4. Click here for a Pure Bar coupon.

5. Another organic, family company I enjoy, BumbleBar, is offering a sweet holiday sale. Select flavor boxes (15 bars) are now $15. Feel free to take advantage; I did a few weeks ago.

In the meantime (i.e. finals week(s)) until my Bora Bora report (wish I was headed there…), enjoy these pictures from a recent wedding I attended:

Baked salmon and veggies

One of MANY dessert “courses” — think butler-style shot glasses of Jelly Belly, chocolate molten lava brownies, dipped berries, chocolate-covered “cakesickle” pops… plus truffles, nuts, and black-and-white cookies to-go!

‘Til next time.


3 responses to “More good stuff to come…

  1. Those Crofters jams are wicked good! And better for me….the company is only 2hrs down the road from me!!

  2. oooh i bought a jar of crofters from whole foods a couple weeks ago – i’m crazy about it!

  3. The wedding looks beautiful! Love the flowers.

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