Bora Bora

Well, look what showed up at my doorstep about a month ago: the next best thing to being there!

(Minus one – Paradise Walnut Pistachio that I kindly offered someone else)

As mentioned in my last post, the kind people at Bora Bora foods mailed me a really nice package, including their newly-reformulated bars to try. Honestly – and I’m not “just saying that” – they’re GREAT.

*Pros of Bora Bora bars over other similar bars: USDA organic, OU kosher, certified vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO. Plus, the flavors are UNIQUE.

Though I don’t suffer from any allergies, their being organic is very important to me, as I try not to buy ‘conventional’ items as much as possible (especially when there’s (dried) fruit involved). I also like that they’re vegan and non-GMO. I was going to add that they’re soy-free (as this is also a positive in my eyes — we’re inundated with that stuff), but I don’t see any official statement to that effect, despite not seeing soy on the ingredient lists.

Also in the package was this awesome mug with the company logo on the back. To my happy surprise, this guy was made in the USA!

This is the Tropical Sesame Cranberry flavor. Look at that! Delicious! Extremely fresh-tasting, gooey-chewy (in a good way), and the tart cranberries really stand out and make your mouth water.

If you like fruit-and-nut/granola bars but hate that they’re often tooth-breakingly hard as rocks, you’ll love these.

This is the Tribal Cinnamon Oatmeal. Again, the flavor was awesome and not at all vague. Funny, because I couldn’t remember the exact name at first and started typing “apple” because there are chunks of dried apple throughout. The cinnamon flavor is bold and this TRULY tastes like a bowl of apple-cinnamon oatmeal (reminded me of those flavored Quaker packets from my childhood). Plus peanuts and raisins for fat, fruit, flavor, and staying power!

Everything came in this cool box. There was also a t-shirt included, which I gave to my mom. Shouldda snapped a pic.

Lastly, these fun tattoos were in the mug!

And, now, for the blog world’s tiniest giveaway ever (since I’m supposed to review the bars, the t-shirt has been claimed, and I’m still considering what to do with the mug): who wants five Bora Bora tattoos?? 😉 Don’t all shout out at once. Link to this post on your blog or tweet about it and leave a comment telling that you did so and I’ll randomly pick a winner (probably among the two readers who might “comepete”)! But, really — who couldn’t use
Polynesian-style tattoos?

If the folks at Bora Bora ever want to offer some bars up for grabs here, I’ll let you know. 😉


7 responses to “Bora Bora

  1. Those bars look pretty good. I like how al the different nuts and seeds are distinguishable and not all mushed together!

  2. I want some tattoos 🙂 and I agree with Krista, the oatmeal bar looks yum.

    I’ve got a question about sanitizing cutting boards. You said that veggies next to raw meat is a no no, but if I cook the veggies after I cut them, is it still an issue? thanks :D.

  3. Hey Tony,
    That’s a good question. Almost everything I researched on this (just for you, feel special, lol) says in general cutting raw chicken + vegetables on the same board should be avoided. But your question is still valid, though the thought of not having cooked the vegetables enough to kill things would no doubt plague me endlessly in that scenario anyway. Perhaps more experienced cooks can chime in?

    Here are some helpful pages I found:

    Repeated sanitizing is a pain in the butt, but some sites recommended having one dedicated cutting board for raw meats to reduce possible cross-contamination, as well as thawing any frozen meat/vegetable ingredients on separate surfaces.

  4. I’ve never heard of those bars. Those tattoos are super cute.

  5. Hey there!

    Thanks so much for sharing your Bora Bora Bar experience with all your friends! We’re very proud of the organic ingredients, health benefits and inspiration that created our products and of course we’re delighted to see you enjoyed the samples!

    Be sure to check out our website! You can purchase our products directly, read our blog about living pure and eating healthy, and even search for bars with your favorite ingredients.

    We’re also running a contest where you can enter to a win a trip for two to Bora Bora or join our community for the latest news about the island and living pure.

    Thanks again for the AWESOME review, we really appreciate the support! We plan to stay in touch. Take care.

    Manuia! (Cheers!)
    Bora Bora Organic Foods

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  7. Food in rice vegitables, meat is very important and fresh fruits apple, mango ,banana, strawberry.

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